“In A British court, HOW much money is paid out usually for a gallbladder surgery gone wrong

I’m currently in Litigation and my attorney is saying at best I would get 5 thousand pounds

My husband suffered at the hands of a bad surgery

My husband had a situation where the local hospital did not tell us of any complications during a routine gallbladder surgery. On the discharge form it says No Complications. He was taken to A&E 2 times. First time Triaged 2nd time admitted with bile leaks. Due to it was the weekend we were told Sorry the Ultrasound department is now closed. He had to wait a further 2 days to get treatment. On the monday he was given an ultraound and found he did not have 1 bile leak but 2. I, His wife was told nothing would be done on this day and told to go home for the evening, That evening the hospital took him for futher surgery and did not ring me. My husband, rang me on the next morning and told me himself that he had, had more surgery. That same morning a doctor saw me and explained that he was OK now and would be home in a few days. Which was incorrect. My husband, Nigel had trainage tubes put in his abdomin at the 2nd surgery and was left to heal himself. No problem was fixed yet at that time. The next mornng he was taked to endoscopy and given an ERCP, due to he was so ill they were not able to sedate him well enough and he was tramatized. Being distraught I stood over him and said No more, I then ordered to see anyone of authroity in the hospital and made a real fuss to get him moved to the Hospital in Oxford. Which they did do 4 days later. I did contact the media and tell them about this story and the horror of the treatment I felt my husband had experianced. Then and only then did the Orignal Surgeon come and speak to my husband, Not ever speaking to me. Finally he was moved to another Hospital where he was given many bags of plasma and also another surgery and told he was very ill. He spent 3 days in ICU and then returned to a normal ward. Approx 3 weeks later he was released with tubes outside his body to keep the new tubes that the surgeon at the other hospital had constructed. In December the tubes were removed. In July of 2005 My husband then went threw another surgery to repair a hernia from the orginal surgery.

This has been horrid experiance. I do have an attorney that I’ve been talking to for the last 2 years. However I am not happy with them. What advice can you give and what is the maximum payout that I can obtain for such a case.

Any websites anyone can give me in refrence to cases won like this. PLEASE help.. Thank You”