“I agree with you 100%! I had my gall bladder removed in 1http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/2, and the Doctor’s never said a thing about side effects. I had diarrea for 13 years afterwards and it still comes and goes. It affected my ability to think and many times i feel very dizzy and it feels like a dry drunk. I to feel extremely tired sometimes exhausted! I believed having my g/b removed was my biggest mistake i ever made! Dr’s want the money and doen’t give a sh*t! All they care about is buying that new car! I had diarrea prior to haing my g/b removed and new very little about nutrition. A change in my diet would have corrected my problem. We have to remember that doctor’s know very little about nutrition, this is a given! They don’t want to know about it either! It keeps them in a flux of ignorance and makes them lots of money. I am still suffering alot! Ever time i eat, i get sick and instantly get alergy reactions. I am always in a stupper or foggy. I know this for a fact, because when i get up in the morning i am usually alright and feel just like i use to before i got the removal. Sometimes i wait as long as i can to eat to dampend the reaction to the food i eat. I now have a fatty liver, could this be another consequence? My sister in-law had her g/b removed and she now has a fatty liver also. It is estimated that about a million people per year get there G/b removed! The medical establishment continues to make the $$$$, and aren’t interested in wellbeing.

I seems that they have done it to us again! For years i have suffered. Right after the surgery i visited the doctor for the second time and told him how different i felt and just wasn’t the same person. He told me not to return! G/B’s are there for a reason, dispite what doctors say! It should not be removed unless totally necessary! A change in diet will usually correct the diarrea prior to removing it. Stay away from milk and milk products, that will help alot! I am old now and suffered a great deal, since the medical establishment gave me the finger. They are untrustworthy, remember about the labotomies they use to perform! Removing a portion of the brain willl make you less crazy! Sure it will!”