“I too under went Gall Blader removal March http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/, 2006. My surgeron told me maybe this would help me with my diarreah problem. It was Tuesday and he told me he could do the surgery that week if I wanted. I told him great its spring break and I am due to start my final semester of college on Monday. And the one thing I wanted was to be able to sit through my graduation without the worry of having to run potty again. So Thursday we drove all the way to Austin, Texas from San Antonio. Cause I worked in Austin, so that is where my doctors were. It was a quick easy and pretty painless surgery. Went home and instantly began to feel very sick. Throwing up, couldn’t eat, massive pain. My boyfriend told me that I was being a wooz cause I had never had surgery since my tubal in 1http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/87. Said that I needed to just rest. I knew it wasn’t the case but I decided I would just wait another day. On Saturday I begged him to take me to the ERand he said oh I will call your surgeon and talk to him. Which he did do like 4 times. Every time the surgeon telling him it was all normal. Finally Monday, morning I grabbed him and pleaded PLEASE HELP ME, something is wrong. Finally with anger in his voice he took me to the ER. Where they diagnosed me after 12 hours of test and more test that I had the flu. I was like noooooooooo, I know something is wrong. But I went home anyway. Finally, Tuesday morning I went back to work feeling like a mac truck had run me over. Drove 50 miles to work, then took my lunch went down to the surgerons office with test results from the ER. And begged his nurse to have him see me. Which he did. And instantly I could see concern in his eyes. I was white as a ghost and sick as a dog or 10 dogs. He said where will you be in 15 mins I said back to work what choicce do I have. Fifteen mins later he called and said I think I have cut your liver bile duct and this could be a matter of life and death. I was like OMG. But he said I can’t get you in for testing till tomorrow. Wow life or death I thought. Not knowing anything about this bile flowing into my system, I went back to work for the day. Drove home and the next day came back for an ERCP. Which they spent 12 hours trying to get the scope down me but of course cause of the damage to the duct, they were unable to get the scope down to check it out. So they ran an ultrasound and an MRI. Determined yup probably cut liver bile duct. Can you believe they sent me home and said we will call you in the in a few hours. So 1am and 13-14 hours later and 50 miles to drive we went home. At http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/am the original surgeon called me said don’t go anywhere, I am sending you to the Liver Transplant Hospital in San Antonio. The surgeon from there will be calling you within 15 mins. Which he did. Said do not pass go do not collect $200 get here now. The more walking around you do the more bile leaks into your system. Wow they tell me now after a week of walking around and working and running to ER and the doctor.

So on my way to the hospital I stopped and brought a dress cause I couldn’t fit into any clothes, stopped by my school cause they were going to drop me if I didn’t sit in my classes the first week. So I had to sit in my class for an hour. Which the teacher said OMG get out of here I will credit you get to the hospital before you die. They said I already looked like death warmed over.

So we got to the hospital thinking ok I be in for a few days and back to school and back to being me again. Was I ever so wrong. Got there on Thursday @ 1pm was admitted to the Liver transplant unit @ 4pm and http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/pm they were running an ERCP AGAIN. They felt they were experts at this and hopefully they could tell more from this test. Well 7 hours later and digging down my throat again they failed. So on Friday morning this huge team of doctors came in and said well here is the scoop.

There is a 3 case scenario here going to happen.
1) No biggie small surgery go home next day
2) Little worse bigger surgery and go home in a few days
3) Worse case scenario massive major reconstructive insides and go home in about a month.

Well Saturday morning came. And in came the team of doctors. And unfortunately they didn’t have good news for me Said that the worse case scenario is what I will be facing. So on Monday a hepaticojejunostomy (Roux-Y) was the method of repair. I was in the hospital for almost a month. $180k plus in bills. And since then I am exhausted. Didn’t get to graduate in the semester I had worked so hard for. But I did graduate the following September instead of June. But since my parents had just come to Texas for my surgery in case I died. They were unable to come for my graduation, which was devasting to me.

And what really throws salt into my wounds, is that the doctor who performed the originally surgery sent me to collections for $166.20. Can you freaking believe that.

I lost my job, my insurance, my graduation date, my sense of humor. I am angry and tired all the time. I am not the person I was prior to my surgery. And depression sat in so bad I tried to commit suicide. To find out that depression is a complication of major surgery.

I have finally found an attorney out Houston, Texas that is more about people than he is money. Cause with the new tort reform act the cap on any malpractice lawsuit is $250k and with $180k in medical bills the other attorneys tell me it isn’t financially feasible for them to take my case.

So how was your year?

Susan Heeres In Schertz, Texas”