“Gallbladder nightmare
A lot of your stories are like mine! I was kind of sick for about 3 months then the real pain started! I was in excruciating pain off and on for about 3 months. I would lay in the floor in the fetal position and cry! Then on 3/14/08 I was driving home and felt such a white hot burst of pain I thought I would die! By the time I made it home the pain was gone. 3 days later, I was in so much pain I just wanted to die. My daughter took me to the hospital and the lady who did the Ultasound said my gall bladder was ruptured, the doctor said I had stones and an inflamed gallbladder. They would not do my surgery until I came up with $3,352 to pay for part of the surgery! I went from 3/17/08 to 4/11/08 with a ruptured gallbladder! When the surgeon did the removal he said he had to scrape my insides to get to the gallbladder to remove it! I still, to this day, have excruciating pain, swollen abdomen, can’t eat much, gas (outrageous amount of gas), vomiting (even in my sleep), uncontrollable thirst, dizziness, just to name a few. The doctors I have seen have told me it’s in my head or that I am sensitive to pain also. I am here to tell you, I had 5 children and 3 were straight natural, no pain med births! I am not sensitive to pain unless it is so excruciating it makes me vomit! I have a copy disk of mu first ultasound and all the other paperwork that was shoved at me. I live in Georgia, does anyone have any advice and the name of an extremely good lawyer.
For the second story of this comment: my 29 year old daughter went to the hospital on 6/24/11 for severe pain in her side, nausea and vomiting and just general sickly. I told her before she went what it was. The doctors told her she would be fine and sent her home. For 2 weeks she kept going back to the hospital and they would tell her it was this or that. She went to another hospital, they did an ultasound and the tech told us, “”I need to get the doctor to see this”” and raced out of the room. He never came back and neither did the doctor! The ER nurse came in with discharge papers and sent her home! Now, seeing as I had prior experience with what a leaking gallbladder looks like on an ultasound…Yep, you guessed it. The next morning I have to take her back to our local hospital and I told the doctor about the night before (all the other people who saw her prior to him just wanted to rush us out), he ordered a blood test, told her she had hepatitis (winking at her when he said it) and he would have to admit her for treatment. He knew they would not do anything for her unless he thought she had a communicable disease! She had her surgery and it has gone pretty good for her. No extra pain or weird side effects. We are actually at the hospital right now having her stents removed. The doctor had to remove 3 stones and remove the stents but he said it went well.
It is abhorrent that people should suffer and live a substandard life due to greed, negligence and uncaring medical personnel. I really do feel so bad for all of you who are going through the same,or worse, pain and shame of malpractice as I am. I sincerely hope all works out for us all but by the looks of these posts we have a long way to go and a hard row to hoe!”