I had my gallbladder removed almost 5 weeks ago march 25th. I was sick for 4 months previous… I had to have it removed because I had two cysts and a large gallstone in my gallbladder. I had hoped this would relieve the problem. the first week I felt wonderful and just eased into my diet. I was craving suger so I ate a donut and had diarriah for 3 days straight. I took immodium and everything went back to normal so then i was careful what I ate…everything was going good and I felt like I was almost back to normal but now the stomach pains are back especially first thing in the morning until I eat something then it settles. It’s hard to tell if I am hungry or if I am sick to my stomach because it feels like a combination of both. It feel like it did before I had my gallbladder removed but not as bad. I had 5 incisions and the one above my belly button still hurts and feels like a big knot so I wonder if its scar tissue or if I somehow over did it. I’m scared to eat anything because I don’t want to get sick. I’m also very tired. people including the doctor told me this surgery would be a piece of cake but its been anything but and they also told me I could eat whatever i wanted just to be careful with fatty and fried foods. this last time I got sick on sunday I had chicken and mash potatoes and carrots food I ate before and did not get sick with. I haven’t gone back to a doctor yet but this is getting old. I just want to feel normal and well like I did before I got sick. I had ibs for years before my gallbladder surgery and that could be part of the problem but I still feel like something else is going on. I have prescription heartburn medication which does not help any. some of the symptoms others in here have mentioned I have. I have found I have to eat smaller meals al day long. if anyone finds out an answer please let us know. I am so ready for this nightmare to be over with.