“Bile leak
My husband had gallbladder removed about three years ago. After coming home he became very sick and have been suffering every since. Pain in his side, simple foods make him sick to the point of falling to the floor. The only help is bottles of antacids, ice all over his body especially the Abdomal area. He also have to use the bathroom. The attacks are becoming more frequent. He also have to wear loose fitting clothes around his stomach area. All I can do is stand by waving a fan. After he gets through the pain, he’s so week and chilled. I am scared these attacks will eventually throw him into a cardiac arrest! If you like we would be glad to help.Freddie

Freddie: Have you ever talked to an attorney? Having this go on for that many years,OMG! I feel badly for you. I am just beginning with the weirdness and is this what I have to look forward too? I do not want to deal with this anymore as is and its only been since July when the whole gallbladder pain began, they took it out August 15. Its been a little over a month and a half. I cannot imagine dealing with this for as long as you have. You are in my prayers. Much luck to you in all you do… I did speak to an attorney. My Dr. told me in July after being diagnosed having infection in my gallbladder, can’t spell it or say what it is, that was July 30. I tried getting an appointment because the hospital told me it was nothing to put off,plus the pin was horrible. My Dr. office said they could get me in August 9th! LOL!!! i kept bugging and bugging,they got me in the 9th. My Dr. tells me he does not listen to other drs. diagnosis and he did not think it was infection of the gallbladder! He sent me on my way, no medication, no, come back soon,NOTHING! 3 days later I am being taken by ambulance to the ER, they diagnose me with not only having infection in my gallbladder,but pancreatitis and my Liver enzymes were off the chart high! They admitted me that night within an hour being brought in, it was not till then I had no idea how bad I really was nor did I have a clue you can die from severe panceatitis. Who knew… I called my Dr. the next day in the hospital to come see me because hey,guess what I do have an infection in my gallbladder and now pancreatitis on top of it,plus my liver is in trouble too! I get told he has NO hospital privaleges, and get this, he is not even an MD he is a TA!!! Holy crap! What is that all about! I went back because of my navel continues to split open, I don’t see him, they put me in with equally as young female who tells me NO you have NO infection. What is the fluid that is green than I ask? She says it is not infection how I do not need antibiotics! I got mad and left, I didn’t appreciate wasting my time again!….. I hate the idea of suing, I am a law student and the number of frivolous law suits in our country are staggering,but this Dr. or what ever he is, he let his arrogance and ego infront of my life and that is just unacceptable. You having this for the amount of years you have been dealing with your issues, that too is just unacceptable… I wish I could fix me,fix all who I have read in this forum. It is horrible what human go through with Drs. who must have missed the Do NO Harm part of medical school. Attorney’s aren’t much beeter,but at least they are not playing with physical part of our lives like doctors are allowed. Best of luck to all…..”