OMG, lsitening to this makes me crazy. My mom had her gallbladder Laperscopically removed 4 weeks ago, they said it was an easy procedure…HA! She too, had horrible bloating and gas issues and PAIN that was beyond imagination. She stayed 4 days in the hospital and they found what they thought may have been a LEAK so they gave her a blood transfusion and sent her home. She was not getting better, PAIN and nausea severe weakness, fever & chills, sleepiness and not much appetite. Finally after demanding that her Surgeon listen to me about this PAIN, symptoms and lack of recovery and to quit worrying about how mcuh darvocet she was taking, he had a nother blood test done. WELL, she was sent to ER and admitted, CT scan revealed a leak with blood around it and an infection!! They inserted a drain and she was put on high doses of antibiotics for 4 more days in hoispital. Don’t be fooled by those symptoms people! PAIN is a sign of a problem. I would love to see these surgeons suffer through this and then see how they would react. This has been the worst experience, and if We had the choice to do it all over agian, our entire family & friends say NO WAY. We would have explored other alternatives before doing this surgery. BEWARE of this surgey, it has lots of bad side effects and complications!!!!!