“I too lived with the pain under my right rib cage that radiates into my back for over 7 years before a healthcare provider could tell me what it was (they tried to claim it was because of my broken rib on that side). She told me it was adhesions from the gallbladder surgery that have attached my bowels. Just about everytime I eat I am in pain. She explained that if there is alot passing through my bowels or I have gas the bowels expand which damage the liver. This damage causes something similar to bruising, which is why the pain does not go away for several days. I find that if I eat small meals, take a Beano, I can alleviate some of the issues. However the pain is getting worse and due to the pain I wake up exhausted most days.

I am amazed that more healthcare providers are not more familiar with this condition based off the number of those suffering from it.

Most of all I am glad to know I am not crazy and don’t have some phantam pain – that it is real. I am going to look into the Nanofiber Biodegradeable Barrier though.”