“I am not a huge fan of this medication in general and have used it twice (it does work) after my GB surgery but you might try Cholestramine for diarrhea – I was told this type of diarrhea post GB surgery is all too common (yet all too UNCOMMONLY mentioned before the surgeons operate) and is bile salt diarrhea – due to extended bile going into the intestines. I was also told the liver and digestive system will adjust – whatever that means – but can take up to a year? In your case that’s long since past.

I do not have the right sided pain you describe but I didn’t have stone pain to begin with, just chronic nausea and a low functioning GB. The Cholestramine will cause constipation if used frequently, which is not great news but many people who’ve posted about this on other forums swear this drug has ‘saved them’ from diarrhea misery. I, like you, have spent countless hours and agonies going to numerous doctors seeking answers to my misery. They all seem perplexed or have an idea as to what mine is, yet nothing has solved it. I am so angry and frustrated that I still keep trying to find solutions, not willing to stop just yet. I’m afraid when I do, I’m done – I mean done with more than just searching. Life is to be lived, not suffered.”