“I had my Gallbladder out years ago. The Dr. gave me the nuclear tests and said it was only working @ 15% and needed it out, so I went to a much larger hospital to have it done and the surgeon said it was a healthy gallbladder, which upset me BADLY.
Long story short I had mine done laproscopic and they put the clips in and ever since I too have had terrible pain in my upper right side under the rib cage. Today is really bad for some reason. I also have been on Nexium 40mg daily since,
I thought maybe my liver was shot cuz I do drink but only light beer, my retired Doctor told me light beer or beer in general does not cause ALOT of liver damage it’s usually hard liquor that causes the damage.
I am glad I found this post, it has helped me just knowing I am not alone. THANKS EVERYONE !!!! :-)”