“Bile duct injury
Hi. This case is exactly the same as my husband. It’s been 2.5 yrs and everyday we’re dreading he’ll develop strictures. The surgeon from the tertiary hospital said it could happen within 10 yrs. Not only this, but how about the other organs affectedl like the liver ang lungs. They got burned during the exposure to bile for a prolonged time. Remeber the bile is an irritant and corrosive. Gastroenterologist describe it as pouring acid to an open wound. we have an ongoing legal case. Hope you got a good lawyer since your case is good. You ended with a repair surgery. These surgeons don’t take time to be really careful and patients suffer or die at the end. They promote this concept of bile leak are “”just a complication of surger””. When a surgeon cuts or clips a part of the body that is not supposed to be cut, then they deserve to be sued. They took an oath to do no harm to a patient.”