I had my gallbladder out three weeks ago and have been having issues. The gas is so bad at times i have thought about going to the hospital, but i know what that is. The symptoms i have been more worried about are the hands and feet going numb to a degree. I cant really explain it other than it feels like they are going to sleep, it is difficult to do normal things during these times. Sleeping is something i have not done any of since surgery, wow, i miss sleeping. Between the gas that keeps me up in pain all night and the tingling sensations of my arms and legs, i have not slept more than three hours any given night. Wish doctors would listen more and understand that there are side effects of gallbladder removal. I was told all my symptoms would be gone and i would just be happy and healthy again, so wrong!! I spoke with the surgeon yesterday and told him about my bloating and horrible gas issue and was told to see an allergist for my issue! An allergist?? He stated that it must be a food allergy as it was not due to the surgery…Anyhow, my rant is over and it is comforting to a degree to know others have the same symptoms, although sad that anyone has this issue. thank you