“Gall Bladder/ Bile Leak
This makes me so mad and scared. I have just come home about an hour ago from spending 3 weeks in hospital. It started out with Lap Chol elective surgery. I was waiting since august last year and had 3 major Bilary colic attacks whilst waiting. Finally I had surgery a few weeks ago. They stated my gallbladder was inflamed, scarred up and diseased with gall stones. The procedure was meant to of gone well. I was kept in hospital for 4 days afterwards with a drain tube. Which was draining a weird colour. The day I got the tube out, the dressings around it were GREEN (which to me indicates BILE). Nothing was said.. and I was sent home even tho I didnt feel right. 4 days later I woke up at 3am in excutiating pain the ambulance came and rushed me back to hospital. No pain killers worked.. Morphine, Endone Nothing.. pethadine was the only thing that touched it slightly.. Unfortunately the hospital I was at wasnt able to do any upper gastric surgery so I was transferred to another hospital after a CT scan showed half a litre or more of Bile in my stomach cavity. I was put into emergency surgery that night and cleaned out via keyhole again. Then a couple of days later I had an ERCP for the stent in the bile duct. I then suprisingly got Pancreatitis from the ERCP. Fun times…. NOT.. So I stayed in hospital 9 days after the bile cleanout.

I am having trouble keeping food in…. constant upset stomach and pain under my right rib. I’ve complained to the dr everyday.. but he just brushed it off and said its all fine.. and I can go home.. Whatever..

I’m so mad… and depressed.. I honestly would of kept my gallbladder if I’d known this was going to happen. It annoys me off when I hear people have straight forward surgery and they are fine… But from here it seems lots havent had good surgery.

Is there something we can do??
I’m up for it…”

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