“Recourse for bile duct injuries
Have any of you successfully sued for a bile duct injury? My original surgeon unknowingly cut through my main bile duct and a week after I was sent home I had the excruciating pain, bile leakage, and peritonitis that many of you have described. I had a drain implanted and was then transferred into the care of a specialist at a much better hospital. He performed a roux-en-y to reconstruct a bile pathway. I contacted several lawyers. None would take on my case and the gist of their response was “”Too bad this happened to you but you’re fine now and no jury would find that damage has been done.”” Now 3 years later I have bile duct strictures, two (probably permanent) drains, the possibility of another major open abdominal procedure as well as a somewhat slimmer possibility of a liver transplant. I’m going to contact lawyers again, with the news of my now chronic condition. Any advice based on your actual experience would be most welcome. I am not looking to get millions; I simply want to recover lost wages and cover future medical needs.”