“Dear All,

I have not and need not my gallbladder to be removed.. I am however one of unfortunate victims of this procedure as the love of my life and bearer of my children is on day 7 of her recovery in the hospital.. To respond to an earlier post the procedure used to determine if there are any bile leaks is called a HIDA test.. (Hepatobiliary Imaging). I still believe that we had no other option than to remove her gallbladder however I wish to convey to anyone who reads this EXPLORE EVERY OTHER OPTION FIRST…… I have no idea when my love will return and what after effects this will cause but I do know that pain is not normal.. Remember the doctors work for you… If they don’t listen do what I did… Slam them against the wall and let them know they will be next to be laying on their backs if they don’t listen….

Best wishes to you all,