Who was this doctor who treated you that did not place restrictions on your food intake? If this was my doctor, I would of ran screaming into the night! I had my gallbladder removed on July 22nd 200. I had the laporascopic surgery and had one of the best doctors in the State of MD. The doctor explained that since the gallbladder’s job is to process the fat that will then be taken to the liver and eventually the small intestine, once removed I would have to wait until the liver takes over the function of the gallbladder I no longer had. For the next 3 months I will be on a strict bland diet eating 1800 calories. In no way shape or form did my doctor indicate that I was to stop at Burger King or dairy queen or not have any restrictions on what you can eat! Remember, you no longer have that “fat breaker” in your body. Take it easy, and allow the liver to transition to its new job. It will take time. To get this surgery and then go home to eat anything you want is an act of self annihilation! I am not in pain right now whatsoever and my friends cannot believe how swift my recovery was. My procedure was an emergency, because for years and years and years I had been going from one doctor to another who told me I had muscular skeletal pain and to take protonix for my GERD. What did I do? I fired my doctors and moved on to another hospital and started all over again! What right do these people have to experiment with your body? Do they have to go through what you are all going through now??? Money or no monies no one had the right to make your lives a living hell! I would recommend that you all take pencil to paper to the State Medical Association and give them hell! Tell them about these butchers and protect yourselves! Refuse to live like this for the rest of your lives. Get up and empower yourselves!!!