Oh my goodness! Unless the doctor has had his own gallbladder out he does not know what he is talking about! Keep away from fatty foods for 6 weeks or more! Gradually introduce them back into your diet, one at a time. It is going to take you 12 to 18 months or more to learn what you can and cannot eat so you are going to have to be very patient with yourself. I had my surgery 25 years ago, and I still have days I have to be very careful and not eat much fat. Over a long time your system will adjust somewhat. The thing is the gall bladder stored all these digestive enzymes and squirted them out after you ate which helped digest those foods especially the fatty ones. So now you have a constant dribble of gall/enzymes all the time and when you eat a fattty meal and it gets to the small intestine there is no where near enough enzymes and things to help digest it. So you have to be careful. I used to get terrible diarrhea sometimes and I still sometimes have pain like a stone trying to pass. Just be very patient with yourself and eat low fat low cholesterol for awhile, give yourself time to heal, then very slowly add things to your diet. Some you may never be able to eat again, but that is life after gall bladder surgery.