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I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. It was a bad medical decision. Up until a few fairly mild attacks I never had any GI problems that I would consider out of the ordinary.

Since then life has been a constant challenge. I use Questron and hate it. I have used ginger which seems to work for a while but eventually fails. I have tried to alter my diet. Including excluding etc – nothing seems to work.

Then I occasionally come to these forums and read the arrogant responses of some of the hack physicians who treat this as an abnormality. I do medical research for a living and there exists some fairly strong anecdotal evidence, at the very least, that this is a fairly ubiquitous event.

Personally I think gall bladder surgery is an easy money maker for docs. Who is going to challenge it anyway, The insurance company doesn’t want to see your damn organ to see if it is diseased. I think the prevailing attitude by many physicians is there is no answer to this. They treat it casually, called minimization, simply due to the fact they do not want to address the issue. Many do not have the cojones to admit they have no solution.

They fail in the whole area of informed consent. This should be disclosed prior to surgery and discussed fully before having the surgery.”