Gastroparesis after gall bladder surgery
Was told by a highly regarded Motility expert which stated that it is very likely that my GP was a result of my GB surgery. there were a ton of adhesions that he had to manuver around. My GI doc, and Lawyer are convinced that it was the cause.. Like someone else said on this thread. The vagus gets bangged around and such during surgeey. Plus it dont take much. Also, myself, and alot of others on here are in the same exact prediciment that you are. Docs stick up for other docs. Of course there gonna tell you it aint possible. Well, it is possible, and I’m living proof of that. My lawyer has just found out from many so-called “experts” that a vagul injury can be a risk of a lap GB. And you are right. It doesnt go near the GB. So, then hore is it a DAMN risk if your not even in tgat area?? I an extremly frustrated right now with Dr s, Surgeons, Lawyers, hell, all of em!! Buch of corrupt, greedy,people that have ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY!! Dont let then tell you its not possible..