My 18 year old sister is going into surgery to get her gallbladder removed it so unreal i mean why her shes healthy WTF. According to the doctors it was hereditary and her gallbladder has gone bad at first they thought she had gastritis they later found out that was not the case. I feel real bad for her cause after this she will never be the same she wont be able to eat fatty foods unless she want to become fat. The gallbladder is designed to break down fatty foods but with out it shes pretty much screwed I’m so mad why the **** did this have to happen to her i mean shes to young for this ****. I don’t want her to later in life get sick from her liver or other organs do to an absent gallbladder. So far i bin reading articles on people who have gotten there gallbladder removed and most of them have bin having miserable lives and others have gained lots of weight cause theirs no way to break down the fat in the foods they eat. Others have died a few years after they have gotten it removed and thats what scares me. It makes you think what is the life expectancy after gall bladder removal?