I had my gallbladder removed 10 yrs ago ( I was 18) right after my first baby. My doctor did inform me that my body would have trouble breaking down fatty, oilly or spicey foods. He did not inform me however of the disgusting side effects or reactions that my body would have If I did eat these kinds of foods. At first, being young and not wanting to change my diet I still tried to eat fast food and such and I would have these “attacks”. I would get extremly hot, start sweating, stomach cramping, even dizziness when I had to go to the bathroom. What came out was a bunch of loose stool and bile and the smell was awful. After years of these attacks I have learned to cut all fastfood-especially Macdonalds-most hamburger, and anything extremely fatty out of my diet. I love hot and spicey food so I do eat it sometimes but I know whats coming. Over time I have learned to control my reactions so I can go out to eat but if I eat the wrong foods I don’t always have an immediate reaction to them like I used to. Maybe over time your body gets use to it.