I had my gallbladder out 4 years ago. Afterwards I experienced diarrhea mostly in the morning. I would be trying to leave for school & have to go 7-10 times before I could get out the door. I had a really good day if I didn’t have to go while at school. After about a year of that I talked to my primary care doctor who referred me to a GI doctor. Best thing I ever did. The GI doctor recommended Cholestyramine packets. They are actually for people while high cholesterol, but he knew they also worked well for patients after their gallbladders were removed to help with diarrhea & cramping. The medicine tastes kind of like Crystal Lite classic orange packets, however they don’t dissolve. They are better with orange or pineapple juice instead of water. They also have a pill form, but I found that doesn’t work as well as the packets. I am regular now, I go twice a day (not diarrhea) & no cramping when eating or having to go. Also, none of those urgent calls. I can plan to get to a bathroom with plenty of time.