it takes about 3 months for your liver to “learn” to take over the job of the gall bladder, so after surgery you really should be careful about eating/drinking substances that can stress the liver. I was careful for 3 months, then when I felt like my old self, I went slowly in introducing alcohol and fatty foods. Now I can usually drink one or no more than two alcoholic drinks but I have to be careful of not eating fatty food with it or the next day I have to go to the bathroom many times (BM). So I usually just drink one drink when I go out, drink lots of water and eat healthy before i go out or at the bar/restaurant.. the last time i went out i had two strong margaritas and alot of pizza and the next day i had to use the bathroom 3-4 times and had to take immodium for diarhhea and had stomachache. next time i wont eat fatty pizza with alcohol. I think the liver is just working over time and your body makes you sick by diarrhea or vomiting to get rid of the food/alcohol that it can not process. Its your body’s way of getting rid of potentially dangerous substances. I am going to try to listen to it better.