I’m very glad to find people who understand what I have been through! I have a very terrible year! After just a week of gallbladder attacks (pain in under my right ribcage radiating to my right shoulderblade), I had my gallbladder removed in November 2009. In June 2010, I began having the same pain and pressures and after seeing a GI doctor in Mobile, AL and doing an EGD, blood work, and an ultrasound, he found nothing. I decided to go to a GI doctor in Birmingham, AL. He suspected SOD so he did blood work and an ERCP with manometry. He found that I had pressures of 120 whereas the normal pressures are 30 I think. He then performed a sphincterotomy. The surgery seemed to ease it a bit but there were still pressures. By September, it was back full force again. My family physician suggested that I do an abdominal exploratory laparoscopy. I met with the same surgeon who a year ago took out my gallbladder and we decided on November 20, 2010. During surgery, he cut back some scar tissue that was pressing against my intestines, removed my appendix, and an inflamed lymph node for testing which came back normal. After the surgery, I was pain free until December 15, 2010. This particular day, I went to work (I am an office manager-sitting most of the day) and felt fine until about 4 pm. My pain returned and this time it was very severe. Also, my entire right arm, right foot, and right leg were tingling. I was admitted into the hospital that night. They did blood work, chest xray, EKG, MRI, CT Scan-you name it, everything came back normal. I was sent home Monday. I’m still in alot of pain and I can’t understand why. I have had EVERY test and nobody can figure it out. I am researching pain management as I am so tired of dealing with this. If anyone has any answers, suggestions, or comments-I would greatly appreciate it.