“I have had a few surgeries and my last one where they did remove alot of scar tissue and took down alot of adhesions helped for 10 years but here I am now with horrific bowel motility, pain, nausea, bloating and things just not moving when I drink or even eat small bites. Taking bowel preps and once a month now to kick start my colon so not good and at my wits end! I don’t wish this on anyone but my heart goes out to all of you! You are not alone and nope! not in your mind either! My GI tract is a nightmare! They call it a “”Functional Disability””…..UGGGGGGGGGG! Going to see two surgeons next week because my red flags are up now and it is time to do something and if that means taking down the adhesions/scar tissue if only for temp relief it is better than nothing right now-AMEN!

HUge hugs & Many blessings,
Kimberly ”