“Poor Medical Treatment After Gallbladder Removal
I had my gallbladder removed March 2010. It took literally 7 years to diagnose the gallstones. I was actually relieved to hear them say something was wrong because I knew my body and hard such a hard time getting that diagnosed. Diagnosis was my a herbal healist… I recommend that for everyone.
Since the gallbladder removal I have been back to my surgeon, the er and urgent and my primary doctor complaining of pain, naseau, and discomfort atleast 5 times. (The same way I complained for years about the gallstones.) My belly button has a repugnant smell and yellow brown green discharge and I’m being told it’s nothing. Tests given but results say “”nothing”” is wrong. (Like what happened with my gallstones before diagnosis) Ultrasound Monday.
No doctors will admit that there could’ve been a mistake done in surgery and I’m scared for my health and well being. It’s been almost 6 months now and it’s worse. I’ve done research and I’m worried of a bile leak or infection. Just today at the ER I was told to speak to a social worker, because they considered my lying or crazy. Worse part is I DO have a mental condition, and I believe they are using that as ammo against me.
I’m pursuing legal help, and I hope more than anything this pain I’m in is resolved… and wish the same for you all.”