“My wife, 33, had her gallbladder removed in January 2010. It came on rather sudden and was a scary experience. Since then, we have been to the emergency rooms numerous times due to her experiencing pain that she says is just like the gallbladder pain she had before it was removed. They will check her liver and pancreas enzymes each time (upon our request) and they are always elevated. Yet nothing ever seems to be done about it.

As I write this, she is now in a mental hospital. Her family and myself has seen such a drastic change in her personality these last few months, that we are certain that her psychological disorders must be due to something that her body is causing. I have read that some liver conditions can cause psychological problems. Last night she experienced the worst pains thus far, the staff at the ward tested her enzymes and once again her levels were high. I am hoping they will finally get around to doing further testing to find what on earth is going on with her! I fear that if they don’t, she may possibly end up having liver failure.

I only wanted to confirm your theory of having elevated enzyme levels after gallbladder removal. Unfortunately I have no other answers for you. I don’t recall what the level numbers have reached. Since it has been so long since your posting, have you by chance reached any conclusion yourself?”