I experienced intense abdominal pain, particularly on the right side with sharp shooting pains going up to my shoulder, down by leg, and under the rib cage. This occurred for four straight days. The doctor did an EKG and it showed a possible mild heart attack. I was rushed to the heart unit for two days. After 3 nitros, it didn’t even phase the pain. I got a complete workup, and it showed my heart was fine. They checked the gall bladder and nothing appeared in the tests. Next I had my stomach scoped, and three polyps were removed (biopsy was fine). I had a colonoscopy and was told I had irritable bowel syndrome and reflux. It is extremely rare for me to have gas, and I have never felt like my stomach was upset nor experienced heartburn. I was told to increase citrucel to 3 times a day. Instead it causes my constipation to get worse. Finally, they did a HIDA scan and it showed by gall bladder was functionally below normal. A week later, I found my self again waking up in the middle of the night with pains beginning…always on the right side. The pain was so strong and intense I had difficulty walking, was out of breath going up stairs, and had a severe headache. I am tired of living on Prevacid and Darvocet. I find myself terrified to eat for fear of an attack and afraid to go asleep at night for fear of waking up in pain.