I also had my gallbladder out about 3 months ago, and most everything has been fine since. Except everynow and again i get a random, minute long “phantom” pain, and now i just woke up after eating steak for dinner last night and am quite sore! i never eat steak so i am assuming that is the cause. I wanted to comment on the whole experience with doctors, i kept asking my dr about supplement and diet change now that i do not have a gallbladder and he assured me i needed to change nothing in my lifestyle! which i know is ridiculous, first i would like to hear about some possible supplements i should be taking…. and second i want to throw my theory out there that no doctor seems to want to hear about my experience with gallbladder attacks! I believe my illness is related to my estrogen levels. MOstly because my attacks were months apart for years-not often spurred by food. they were so far apart, i just assumed i had a 24 hour bug-but then i started noticing they always occured during the last few days of my period, ALWAYS! i am in my early 20’s, no kids yet, but heaing that most people who get the gallbladders out are women who have been pregnant seems to support my theory about the illness being associated with female hormones, i have many other reasons to believe this association, but my doctor does not want to hear it, and i have minimal health insurance so i haven’t had a second opinion. Anyone else experience or have support for this theory or any comment?