I had my gallbladder removed almost a year ago. It was one week before Thanksgiving in 2008. Since my surgery nothing has changed. I am nauseated on a daily basis and have loose stools every 2 to 3 days. The doctors have told me I have IBS, but I should be able to eat normally. I am basically starving myself because of the nauseated feeling I get. With the diarrhea it doesn’t matter what I eat. I had some peanut butter with wheat crackers and some dried fruit and nuts today and was running to the bathroom. Then I become nauseated afterwards. The doctors have done all the test and have looked into my stomach and they say I’m fine. I feel miserable and am wondering if I will ever feel normal again or be able to eat normal again. I was wondering if there is a special diet I need to go on or if anyone else has had these same problems. I am only 31, but I feel much older being I don’t like to leave my house, I don’t like to go out to eat and its even taking a toll on my ability to hold down a job. What else can I do?