Hi, I’m a 22 Asian woman who had my gall bladder removed at 4 years old. As of this past year, I’ve collapsed twice from drinking a regular amount of alcohol, (usually vodka drinks or shots). What usually happens is that I will be feeling fine, (sober-like) up until it hits me out of nowhere where my hearing clogs and I literally black-out (lose my vision). I have not found a doctor who could tell me what exactly happened, but it has been assumed that I get extremely dehydrated and I experience a high volume of alcohol in my blood-flow until it passes. This process lasts for about 20-30 minutes and when I wake up, I feel some tingling in my fingers and my heart pumps fast. When it is over, I can walk and talk as if nothing ever happened. Your husband’s case does sound different, but getting inebriated from vodka sounds similar to me. Since my last collapse at a toga party, (I’m a student at UCSD), I did try to take small sips of a mixed drink, but I’d immediately start to feel a severe headache like I do with wine, so I stop. Ever since, I’ve stopped drinking altogether. The fact that your husband goes through such unfortunate events from consuming alcohol, I would recommend he stop drinking altogether. If you have not already brought this to a doctor’s attention, you should do so and hope that one has an answer because I still need to find one too.