Hello everyone. I too have had my gallbladder out. My surgery was a little different than these other people. I also had a hernia repaired during the same surgery! My symptoms started during my pregnancy with twins which was six years ago(1994) . I had frequent lose bowel movements and cramping with each meal. I pretty much lived with the symptoms thinking that I just had a change in my bowels since having the twins, not knowing that this was abnormal. My attacks got worse until I finally went to see a Doctor(1999). I was sure that I had a hernia, but my Doctor said he felt that it was a gallbladder problem. Tests confirmed the gallgladder thiery, and surgery was needed. During surgery the Doctos discovered the hernia and repaired that also. Since my surgery my bowels have gotten worse. Depending what I have eaten, I can have as many as 3 lose bowel movements immediately after each meal or snack! There is usually a lot of cramping and sometimes a feeling like there is a knot just a few inches below my sternum and /or a nautious feeling. My bowel movements changed so drastically going from 1 movement every 2-3 days to several at each meal. I am a 28 year old with 4 children and an owner of a cleaning service, I do not have time to sit in the bathroom all day. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!