“Hi, from what I have been reading (since I hag it removed too), liver can be weakened due to bile accumulation. Since there is no gallbladder to store the bile, it stays in the liver and its production and delivery may be slower than before the surgery.

When the liver is weakened we feel exhausted and without the energy, so this could be your problem. Maybe you should have your liver checked. Weak liver can also cause problems with digestion.

However, problems with digestion could be due to slow bile delivery. Although it is slow delivery, it is continuous and this may cause loose bowels.

I have been avoiding fatty foods and refined carbohydrates even after the surgery. I continued eating foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, proteins and haven’t had much problems with digestion.

Maybe you could see a doc, have blood work done, see if you get any results from there and then have your liver checked.”