God, I hate that some one feels the same as me. My Gall Bladder was removed in January of this year. And everything you say is so true . I feel exactly the same. I am on the Fentyln patch. And without it it I fear I will not be able to work. I have been seeking for relief and have found none. I had an injection last wed , right in the right rib area. God, it made it worse. I went and bought a rib belt , i’ve found that I get a.0001% ,as long as i don’t move that area .I can feel exactly where it is, it feels like the rib cartledge was cut and now rubs a nerve. I’m so tired of going to doctors on top of the expense and knowing the results will be the same. I can not live like this . I don’t know where to turn.The best relief I get it lying down . I even at work go to the ladies lounge and try to sleep/lay down for 30 minuets ,so I can make it though the day. I find it is worse when I sit all day. When I get home, I stay active, and it isn’t as bad as during the day…. I’m just wanding now that I have read your remarks, if there isn’t some legal action for this. I’m not looking for money, just something to help me feel the way I did ,normal. God , we take feeling good for grantite .