“Hi there,
me too, got mine removed in July 2010 after 4month of painful night..After the surgery, all was well, no pain ecept for the wounds. Of course those back pain and constipation after ops is normal. I’m recovering pretty well. During the medical leave at home, i ate lots of fish(well chinese believe fish is good for ppl who went for surgery). Took really light soup with lots of veggie and also fruit. I drank lots of water during the time too. As i have reflux so i did not eat orange(acidic fruit). Realised after the removal of the gallbladder, i no longer can take oily food… unless the toilet is just steps away. If the food is too oily, such as fried noodle or chicken rice i will have upset stomach and need to rush to the toilet. I also notice that the digestive system is not as good as before. If i eat certain veggie,like ladies finger, the next morning when i go to the toilet, i will see them.. really not sure what to eat or NOT to eat. Doctor only advice no oily food, other than that we are free to eat, but i know it’s not true. So can only trial & error… sigh.. oh ya, no spicy food too.. this is sad. I love thai food!!! ”