“I have been interested in unexplained weight gain after gall bladder surgery for many years now. My best friend (and business partner), who has always been very fit and trim for the first 65 years of his life, had his gall bladder removed about 5 years or so ago. Since that point his stomach bloats terribly and causes him significant discomfort. This has been the case ever since his gall bladder was removed-year after year after year.

He has spent much money with every specialist in any part of the world (including Russia), that would agree to see him. He spent time as inpatient at Duke University Medical Center’s world famous weight loss clinic, and after being evaluated and monitored he was discharged and told (sympathetically) that they did not have any means to help him. Simply stated, they could not even guess why he was bloating or gaining weight.

He has seen dieticians, and has tried medically supervised liquid diets, etc., etc., etc.,. He burns more calories than he consumes and works with different personal trainers in the gym. I work out in the same gym & see the effort this man puts into trying to lose weight. He’s tried bile salts galore and so many other things that have been suggested by sympathetic and very well meaning people. Nothing has worked. He has seen doctor after doctor, none of whom have been able to help.

We had a discussion going at DietPower forum but it was shut down and we were essentially told we were no longer welcome. We tried our own website in order to attempt to work out our own solution(s) through an indepth exchange of information and that was not satisfactory.

Is there anyone out there who can offer hope of any real solution to this odd problem? Thank you so much for taking time to read this, any support or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!