“Well, I’m glad to see I am not alone, sitting on the throne!! We need to have humor to deal with this.

I too recently, May 2000, had my GB removed, surgery was emergency as the GB was packed with stones and infected badly.

Since the surgery I have had minor pains in the GB area, usually after eating, but they subside after alittle while. Some pain in the upper right side of my back after alot of activity that involves using the right side of my body, shoulder and arm.

But the big problem is the IBS or the runs especially after being active or having a large meal..I have not found a happy medium yet, but am looking. I don’t not want to become less active as I will put on weight, yet, running to the bathroom is not quite what I had in mind.

I hope to take some of the suggestion from this forum and find a solution to the problem. Thanks. ”