hi my name is carol I have read all these post and I have the same problem infact I go again to the dr. tomarrow, so they can look at me like i’m goofy! I am sick if I eat and sick if I don’t eat,(from not eating). I had mine out this year in march functioning at only 8%. but still have the same problem. I wonder if it really was my gullbladder causing this or if something else is what is wrong and my gullbladder just wasn’t working at full capsity so it looked liked the problem? I get sick and want to vomit all the time I have very bad stomach aches and diaheria(everyday for 4,5 weeks, but that was the problem before the surgury, still have it so don’t under stand this. I know certain things make me run to the restroom as soon as I eat them but don’t even have to eat and still have to run. I was talking to a cancer dr.(just because he’s my friend ) he said he thinks it is my stomach and it may be producing too much enzimes so what ever that means. so If I find anything out that helps me I will post it. I do have to say I am glad I found this site I was beginning to think it was me, and I never wanted to go to the dr because I feel dumb.