“This past August I was fit and feeling great. Now, I don’t trust my body, feel fatigued and struggling with pain, mostly headaches. But gradually I am getting better. So, I do feel there is an end to this.

I did have bloating and abdominal pain for about four weeks following the surgery. After my tests came back normal, my GI Doc sent me to the ER. The ER tests where normal, CAT scan, blood, urine. So, nothing conclusive. However, they did give me morphine via the IV for the pain. Within minutes the gas began to move in my system, causing even more pain. But, within 1 hour the gas pains where resolved and I have not had a problem since. I, do, however, avoid things that give me gas. Yogurt seems to be the main culprit. I was eating a lot of it after surgery due to my costant nausea.

I believe that conventional medicine has a difficult time dealing with the issues of the gallbladder, pre/post surgery. The gallbladder interacts with numerous systems and can effect those systems in the most strange ways. Acupunture recognizes how the body systems are interelated and acts accordingly. Acupunture has helped significantly with my nausea and abdominal pains and is reducing my headaches to a managable level. So, yes, acupuncture has helped. Time has helped as well. I think your rapid breathing is due to anxiety. I suffered from that as well, with my BP going through the roof. But through knowledge, I know that I am fundamentally healthy and I just need to re-balance my body. Acupunture helps in that regard. Now, my BP is back to normal, I do not have anxiety and see the end in sight.