I was a bit better until recently though still had the pain inside my stomach. I was eating better, even had a Chinese meal with my husband in a restaurant. However in the past 3 or 4 days Ive had problems again. It stated with the bloating and I had some Yakult. This was a big mistake as my Colon under my ribs started cramping and hurting,more bloating and pain the next day. I also felt very tense. Dont get tense it makes it worse I know that. Anyway the next day I didnt feel very well and was sick. I got terrible tensing pain as if my Oesophagus had gone into spasm. It was agony like a heart attack. I had to have paramedics who gave me Enternox for the pain,consequently they took me to A and E where they just gave me painkillers. I was sick again but was sent home in pain. It was still bad hours later and I had to ring the doc who told me to take codeine. It did ease but the next day Im still in some pain but not as bad. Im fed up of stomach pain which can be sore,tight or stabbing. My doc said that sometimes the nerves can get damaged after gallbladder removal and can take up to a year to regrow. They only grow about 1mm a week,great eh? That means its proberly the bile getting into the stomach upsetting it. I dont know what to do. I have been told it will get better though it doesnt seem to. Whats other peoples experiences? Im on antibiotics at the moment for a urine infection. What medicines have people tried? had success with?