I had a Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery for gallstones done (7 years ago) after that i was feeling sick ,vomiting and with pains in the right side where the gallstones removed had medication for other reasons but i couldnt take the medications i was feeling sick vomiting and with pains in the right side had tests to see what was wrong one was a ultrasound but nothing showed up so i put up with feeling sick but has the years went by i only was sore and had paind in the right ,we moved to a diffrent place,and a good thing happened one way it wasnt good ,i have been so stressed lately the doctor have me tests but one of those test was a ultrasound for something sore in my upper tummy the results cames back saying i have gas in my bile duct so i had to have a ct scan,so i am hoping whats wrong in my right side willbe found in the ct scan after 6 years of being sore and with pain ,maybe being in a diffrent place and another ultrasound maybe going to find why i am sore and with pain ,if i had some medication like i had before i would vomiting has well so i stay away from those medication Celebrex,Nurofen plus and Panadeine Forte ,anything thats got codeine in it