“I also had a large weight reduction in a short period of time and then was put on estrogen. My “”queasy”” symptoms and constipation increased for 13 years until my surgery at age 56. I have never had a history of “”bellyfat”” until this last 13 months since my gall bladder surgery. This extra weight has prevented me from walking, bending, or using my knees.
I have just tried Yoga but am also in a new stressful job which takes most of my time. My Dr never gave me a post-surgery diet to follow. I have eliminated one meal a day, but not by choice. I have not lost any weight.
I have also just been diagnosed with bladder cancer in May and can’t rule out the chemo treatments as the culprit. I drink plenty of water and just started Fish Oil. I will try Lecithin and enzymes.”