I had my gall bladder out two weeks ago, I drank two glasses of red wine 4 days ago and was fine, the next day I wanted to finish the bottle so had another glass and a half, then a beer. The day after I felt dizzy and nausiated, different than hangovers i’ve had before, if this even was one. i had some mild pain in the area where the gall bladder was but it was different too than the gall attacks i used to have. I haven’t had more to drink since (been 2 days) and am trying to stay away from fatty foods more as i was testing out too what i could handle those days food-wise. I’m STILL feeling nausiated from this and am kinda wondering whats going on.. i was only told not to drink for 24 hours, they were very adamant about it though. I remember blurred faces telling me “no alcohol.. ok? no alcohol” lol right after surgery so i was kinda out of it. anyways that was a week and a half before the drinks i had, i waited a lot longer than 24 hours :s I guess what I have going on though is nothing compared to most stories from you guys in here. I hope it goes away and I can drink again -_- I was looking forward to being able to have a few beers and some scotch and what not when everyone else is enjoying it too 🙁 I went 4 years with gall bladder problems and not drinking much before my surgery.