“I just found this site by chance today. I have had my Gb out aout 8 months ago and was doing ok so i thought. Last week I started getting really sick. I ended up in the hospital twice. I was throwing up and diarriah and the ER sent me home on pain meds and nausia meds. Well on Friday had to have ambulance take to hospital again I could not walk.

The Docs think it was due to inflamation of intestines due to virus, but i am not sure. I have IBS and Hietal Hernia but have never had the pain and nausia that I have had over the past week. I am afraid to eat anything. I have never felt this way. Has anyone experienced this? please give feed back, when i had my surgery the docs did not tell me of a rescriction on my diet. So I was eating what i normally ate until this past week.