was diagnosed with polyps in my gall bladder after an abdominal scan. One or two were larger than a centimeter. The doctor recommended that i remove my gall bladder. I had a second opinion and was advised again to remove the organ. I had never had any issues with my GB at all. After repeating this to both doctors, they both said although GB cancer is rare, when it does show symptoms it has usually matasticized(sp). With two 4 yr olds i elected to remove as a precaution. So i had the surgery. Today is day 6 and my doctor just called with the pathology report and said, by the way, there were no polyps,just small stones. I will miss two weeks of work, two months of excercise,can’t play with my kids this summer, who knows as far as diet and stomach problems, etc, etc. AND they removed a perfectly healthy organ!!! I have never been under the knife and have never been in a court of law, but this really has upset me. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions before i see him next week. Thanks in advance. Tom