Gall bladder surgery made a mess of me. It was done laprosocopic 5 punctures including belly button. Swollen creepy stomach, painful to eat; can’t eliminate for dAys until it becomes liquid. Stomach growling and cramping, hot to touch. Been back to surgeon he has no remedy but said I have surgical clips and maybe that is the problem see your gastro. Bad taste in mouth, dryness white tongue, loss of enamel on teeth. I think sepsis is settling in as it has been 8 months and they think I may have depression (who wouldn’t ) Other doctors don’t want to give further tests. Never had endoscopy when a symptom I was having was lack of taste and appetite . After surgery veins protruding thru out body, vascular doctor said weak vein valves and multiple spider veins including face and stomach. Loss of hair, dryness from head to toe , lack of muscle tone and strength. I force myself to eat than have bouts of pain. Heart doctor says increased fluid around heart. Dry throat, cracked ulcerated lips. Does anyone have some direction?