I had my gall bladder and spleen removed Sept. 2007. I have a blood disorder that affected my spleen and caused the gall stones, which required the removal. After the surgery I lost weight. I weighed around 180’s before surgery and got down to 170. By Christmas I started gaining weight. I had a thyroid test done which was negative. My doctor suggested Weight Watchers (I lost weight through the program prior to surgery) but I only lost 5 lbs in 10 weeks. I do not eat any differently than I did before gall bladder surgery, I didn’t even know that I had gall stones until I had a blood attack. I did weigh as much as 215 but am now at 200-205. I am trying the South Beach diet and taking digestive enzymes. I also got the the gym regularly but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. It is very depressing! My doctor thinks I am crazy but I know it is not only me having these problems!! What else can we do?