I had my gallbladder removed labor day weekend 2011 and was drinking and back to normal the weekend after surgery. late october i drank one mixed vodka drink and was vomiting so bad and had intense pain in my gallbladder area. the pain was so intense that i could hardly breathe. i had vodka one more time a few months later and the exact symptoms returned immediately. the pain only seemed to come when i drank vodka (i drink whiskey, beer, wine, and champagne on a regular basis) but recently i’ve started to have pain no matter what kind of alcohol i drink. the pain will hit me very hard and will only lasts for about five minutes and after the cramping stops and i’m fine. i don’t ever experience pain the next morning, just when i’m drinking and then have to stop. i wonder if the pain occurs because of the food i ate before i started drinking? does this happen to anyone else?