I had the surgery june 26, 09. I immediately felt better. It took me a long time before i didnt feel sore after the surgery, almost 6 months. I felt so much better than having all the nausea and symptoms that come with a bad gallbladder, that i passed all the pain off as i had surgery. It has now been a year and i still have upper right pain, burning sensation under my rib and around to my back. it feels like its my kidney. I went to the PCP who referred me to a urologist, which did find i have a malrotated kidney but shouldnt cause pain. Ive submitted myself to an ivp test as well as xrays including a catheter of the bladder to rule out kidney problems. This past wednesday the doctor told me he was sorry but its not my kidneys causing my pain. I had lost all hope and was really depressed for 3 days. I found this forum and now feel better that i am not the only one with this problem. Good luck to everyone.