Well I see that I am not alone here. I had my gallbladder removed in 1999 and wish I never would have now. I had a sharp pain in my side every couple of months and then said it was my gallbladder and removed it. Now I have had severe pain off and on for 14 years now under my right bottom rib cage. I have been to many doctors and heard so many different diagnosis. My gastroenologist says that he thinks my tube they connected could be narrowed causing pain when food goes through it. The only test for this is a scope that is dangerous because it can cause pancreatitis and they only do it if you can’t go to the bathroom. Other doctors have said its phantom gall bladder pain, my floating rib hitting organs, etc. I have heard it all. I was on here looking for a new gastroenologist to go see as I feel mine does nothing but try to prescribe medication for me to try. Sometimes it is really painful and other times doesn’t hurt much and I guess I have resigned myself to living with it but I always have hopes that they could do something. I still get the pain in my right side still so obviously it wasn’t my gallbladder. Anyone thinking of having their gallbladder out, don’t. They told my dad that he needed to have his out but he is doing alternative stuff like flushes and they seem to work for him. Also, I had diarrhea real bad for 2 years after the surgery but that did go away but unfortunately the rib pain seems to get worse with time with no end in sight!